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Looking for maximum savings zoolz coupon code? Don’t forget to try our exclusive deal for our valuable visitors.Zoolz is a cloud data backup service based in London working in partnership with Amazon Web Services. The company offers online backup services that allow businesses as well as home users to backup files, folders, photos or even entire contents in a hard drive to an offsite data storage space. The purpose behind Zoolz’ service is simple; to help protect your information – personal or business – from loss due to hacking, fire, theft or other technological disasters.

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Although Zoolz is a relatively new player in the online backup industry, do not be so fast to give it a negative feedback. As shown in this Zoolz Review, the company does bring a host of benefits to your home or business data.


Zoolz is built to offer you a simple process of backing your files – no matter how technologically challenged you think you are. Notwithstanding the simple approach, you get features that have impressed cloud professionals and businesses looking for an offsite data storage service. For example, the service provider offers you a backup facility called cold storage. This facility allows you to separate your active, day-to-day data for fast retrieval and accessibility, from another “cold” set that is not actively required and takes about five hours to become available for download.

The cold storage facility is popular for its low monthly price tag. Plus, Zoolz offers you a host of other features that you would expect from services that charge much more than they do, including:

  1. Simple restore procedure
  2. Unlimited lifetime storage
  3. File sharing
  4. Bandwidth throttling
  5. File filtering
  6. Automatic backups
  7. File duplication and compression
  8. Pre-transfer 256-bit AES encryption


The convenience offered by Zoolz is indisputable. Although you can choose to back up your data on portable devices, they also require physical, manual handling. Zoolz service is accessible anywhere – on your computer or smartphone via an app – so long as you have Internet connectivity. All your data is saved automatically as it streams in. The Zoolz service automatically saves, labels and tracks your information so you can concentrate on your work.


Zoolz’ pricing is reasonable compared to other services on the market, and you get a large amount of storage space at affordable prices. If you prefer trying a product before you purchase, Zoolz has in place a 14-day free trial for its Home range of products. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you feel that the service is not up to your liking in the first month of payment.

In fact, this cloud-based service is less costly than the cost of investing in servers, tape drives or other infrastructure that goes into creating a backup system. Such costs also include the media used to store your backups, transportation of such media for safekeeping in a remote location and IT labor for the management of your system.

In conclusion, online backup via Zoolz is beneficial for both home and office use. However, the different types of products have added benefits in certain areas than others. Before you choose investing in them, you should know what you need. How much data do you expect to back up? Do you expect other people, apart from yourself, to access the online data? Once you have determined your requirements, you can go ahead and sign on a product that provides you with that.

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