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Save Money On EaseUS With Our Exclusive Coupon Code

We know our readers like to save money – after all, everyone likes to find a bargain! That’s why we are delighted to offer you our exclusive coupon code. Simply enter it at the checkout to save up to 50% on your EaseUS purchase. Even better, our coupon code is valid sitewide which means you can save money on the purchase of any EaseUS product.

How To Save Money On Your EaseUS Purchase

Saving money on your EaseUS Purchase is so easy. The hardest part is deciding which tools and software to take advantage of.

  • First, shop the EaseUS site and decide on the best tools for you (more on their range in a moment)
  • Click “Buy Now”
  • On the next page, enter your full name, email, and shipping address to create an account
  • Choose your payment option – EaseUS accepts most major credit cards, PayPal, Maestro, SOFORT Banking, and wire transfers
  • When prompted, enter SNYC-OTE8 as the coupon code
  • Click to complete your order

And you’re done! You can now use your EaseUS products to protect your data and guard against data loss.

Which Data Recovery Plan Should You Choose?

You might be wondering which data recovery plan is best for you. EaseUS offers four data recovery plans:

Free. The free version allows you to recover up to 2GB of data. Works with all major operating systems including PCs, laptops, digital devices, servers and external drives such as USB. You can recover most types of file, including documents, photos, emails, video and compressed documents. You can also recover data from hidden, deleted, or lost partitions.Pro. Pro offers all the features of the free tool, with added free lifetime upgrades and technical support.

Pro users can recover as much data as they wish. Prices start at $69.95.Pro + WinPE. This package offers all the features of Pro, plus bootable media for emergencies so you can recover your data even if your system crashes or refuses to boot. Prices start at $99.90.Technician. Technician users get all the features of Pro, and can also offer technical services to their own clients. This tool is best suited to those with technical knowledge who plan to offer data recovery as part of their business service. Prices start at $299.

EaseUs Coupon Code

If you use a computer in any capacity, the chances are you have either lost data, or worried about losing data. Losing data is a genuine risk for anyone who uses a computer for any reason. Whether you use a computer purely for personal reasons, for school, for a home business, or at work, you know that lost data causes a lot of stress.

In some cases, losing data means more than just stress. If you lose a term paper, for example, it can affect your overall grade. If you lose customer information you don’t just lose the time it takes to fix it, you also lose their trust – and that is very hard to rebuild.

How Does Data Loss Happen?

Data loss can happen in so many different ways. A malware attack, virus, hacking or a phishing scam can all lead to data loss. For businesses there is always the risk of getting hacked – as the latest Equifax data breach scandal proved, the repercussions of hacking or compromised data security can be catastrophic. Data can also get lost due to a hardware breakdown, software corruption, or even one single corrupted file.

What’s The Best Answer For Data Loss?

We think EaseUS provides the data loss solution you’ve been looking for. EaseUS has been in the data loss prevention business for over thirteen years, and in that time have built up an impressive suite of tools that are suitable for both individual users and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What Other Products Does EaseUS Offer?

EaseUS isn’t just about data recovery! It also offers a range of different data protection and management tools that are designed to make life easier for its users:

•Partition Master makes it easy to partition your hard drive. Partition manager makes it easy to manage disk space and is especially useful for businesses and tech teams – although it has applications for home users too!

•Todo Backup is EaseUS’ award-winning image based backup service that makes it so easy to keep all important data backed up, and offers emergency restore services to get your data back in a hurry.

•Data Transfer Solutions make it much easier to move data from one place to another. We all know how difficult and time consuming it is to move data around, especially if there are big files or lots of data involved, or if you are trying to move between different operating systems. EaseUS offers a wide range of data transfer solutions that make it easy to move, manage, copy and transfer data safely.

EaseUS also offers a range of different utilities. These include:

  • Disk and partition copying so you can copy your disk or a portion of your disk and clone it elsewhere with ease.
  • CleanGenius system optimization software for Mac computers, so you can get your Mac running faster and working at maximum efficiency.
  • File sync, so you can easily sync and share files between devices and online storage such as Gdocs or DropBox
  • Downgrade Windows 10, for Windows 10 users who much preferred an early release. Downgrade back to Windows 7, 8, or 8.1

Does EaseUS Offer A Free Trial Or Money Back Guarantee?

EaseUS offers a free trial on its Partitioner Manager tools. In addition, it offers a completely free version of its data recovery tool, so you can try it out before you buy to make sure it suits your needs. They also offer a free trial on all their paid data recovery plans too, so you can try out a more powerful plan for free.

EaseUS offers a free trial on its Partitioner Manager tools. In addition, it offers a completely free version of its data recovery tool, so you can try it out before you buy to make sure it suits your needs. They also offer a free trial on all their paid data recovery plans too, so you can try out a more powerful plan for free.

All EaseUS products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, simply get in touch with support within 30 days and they will instruct you on how to claim your refund.

What Happens If I Need Support?

EaseUS offers 24 hour support 7 days a week via live chat. Customers can simply connect through their website to be put in touch with an agent for support and troubleshooting. EaseUS also offers a wide knowledgebase where customers can find information on every aspect of their account, and their EaseUS software. The knowledgebase includes many helpful how-to guides.

Your data is too precious to take chances with. Invest in data recovery from EaseUS today and keep your data safe, well organized, and ready to restore in the event of an emergency. Don’t forget to enter SNYC-OTE8 at the checkout to claim your savings.

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